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I am delighted to write this recommendation for Sandra, I found her to show incredible care and determination in all the work we did together, most importantly she was honest and flexible in determining what would work for my business needs. She spends time getting to know your business and understanding the gaps. She is structured and prepares complete plans to fulfill those needs. Sandra puts effort and time into follow up with weekly meeting. A great way to show and build accountability until the job is done. It is refreshing to find someone in her area that communicates so well and is so diligent in her focus on your results. She has a wonderful team who also model her Behavioural style and commitment to your business. Sandra and her team provide immense value saving you time, effort and emotion in all things digital marketing and website development and maintenance.

Kelley Wacher

Corporate Magic™

I’ve recently had the great pleasure of collaborating with Sandra on a number of podcasts. She is a star! I have found Sandra to be extremely professional, capable and super-passionate about what she does. She executes everything 110% and makes the whole experience extremely enjoyable. Sandra is building a fantastic organisation with a lovey social conscience and I commend her highly for that! If you have the opportunity to work or collaborate with Sandra you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

Darren Saul

Suspended Animation

In my role as Executive Officer of Haematology Society of Australia and New Zealand, I commissioned Sandra and her team to build a new website and CRM for our organisation. The Council and I are delighted with the outcome. It was easy to work with Sandra with regular meetings to ensure our needs were being met. The project came in right on time and quote and everything that was promised has been delivered and more. Members are engaging with the site and we are receiving requests for paid job advertisements as well as donations from the public. Plus, Sandra is training members to be able to put up and manage their own events. All in all, I couldn’t be happier. Many thanks for a wonderful job Sandra.

Valerie Orton

Haematology Society of Australia and New Zealand

Sandra is really great to work with. Very knowledgeable and reliable. I really valued both her work and her friendship. If you are looking for a great supporter/team management or marketing expert I highly recommend Sandra.

Kat Soper

The Helpful Academy

Sandra is clever, helpful and has all the right tools when it comes to your social media requirements. Navigating around the tweets, the likes, and the recommendations (to name a few) is not easy to keep on top of, so I would engage a professional to become what you are capable of and dream big.

I would suggest you give her a call when you are planning your social media strategy!

Daniel Bligh

Elevate Property Group

I have been using Sandra’s service [Curate Bee] for the last few months and I can honestly say we are seeing the return on investment of having a consistent and robust content plan across social media and with our email list. This is translating into high value clients not through spruiking but by reinforcing our position as an authority in our space with quality content, and being front of mind.

Simone Novello


Sandra is the modern CEO of an international company and has a big vision. Sandra has the intellect and EQ to understand business and produce results through digital marketing. I have found Sandra to be extremely supportive and generous of her time and knowledge. As a start up, I may never have got off the ground if it were not for Sandra.

Alison James

SHAW Dispute Resolution